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Damp Walls Diagnosis

Don’t let moisture cause problems down the road; I’m on hand to diagnose any mould problems. Get in touch with Nick's Plastering Service, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, for comprehensive damp wall diagnosis.

Ceiling Specialist

Don’t wait around for damp problems to get worse. When there is any sign of damp, don’t hesitate; give me call straight away and I’ll be on the case to advise you of the severity of the issue.

Don’t let damp get to the stage of damaging your home’s wood. In extreme cases when the problem has spread I have trusted industry contacts to recommend who replace and repair the parts of your ceilings and walls that are affected. Rest easy that your home's structure is in good hands with me.

Orange Walls - Damp Walls in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Contact Nick's Plastering Services when your damp walls need diagnosis and I’ll stop the problem in its tracks.